Nicki Davey

Nicki Davey

Nicki DaveyCertified: 03/1/2010

Saltbox Training & Events Ltd

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I am the founder and director of Saltbox Training & Events, which I established in 2008. I have over 30 years’ leadership, management and training experience, gained in the charity and social housing sectors and as Director of Saltbox. During 2019 I took a secondment from Saltbox to work at Oxfam as interim Head of Leadership Development.

I facilitate learning and development experiences for board members, executive teams, senior management, and managers, employees and volunteers at all levels across a range of organisations in the charitable, public, and corporate sectors – primarily working with ethical businesses and organisations with a purpose beyond profit, including The Soil Association, Oxfam, The Eden Project, Triodos Bank, the NHS, Yeo Valley, the Royal College of Nursing, and the Horniman Museum.

My personal purpose is to help make the world a better place through…

  • Developing authentic leaders who have the courage, wisdom, compassion and vision to make a positive difference in their lives, communities, workplaces, or the wider world.
  • Promoting understanding, harnessing diversity, and improving communication and collaboration within teams, organisations and communities.
  • Helping individuals, teams and organisations to respect and value each other and the planet in all their activities and interactions.

Increasingly my work involves helping people to learn in, with and from nature. When we connect with nature it provides a fast-track to connecting with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us. As well as being essential for wellbeing, creativity and inspiration, being connected with nature also reminds us of the interconnectedness of everything and our responsibilities to each other and the planet.

I believe that learning should be a joy and an adventure, and I take a holistic approach to learning which draws inspiration from nature, the creative arts, and ancient wisdoms as well as using the latest findings from neuroscience and behavioural psychology to create powerful, memorable, transformative courses, workshops and learning experiences. I am the author of “The Holistic Learning Handbook”, a contributor to the book “Neuroscience for Learning and Development” by Stella Collins, and I regularly write for “Training Zone” magazine.

I recently moved to Scotland where my partner and I are rewilding our field to create a nature haven, encourage biodiversity, and contribute to carbon reduction. We have planted almost 1500 trees to create both woodland and hedgerow and we lead lives which are shaped by the rhythms of nature as we connect with the elements around us and within us. We are also developing space where we can facilitate nature-based experiences to promote individual, team, and organisational learning and growth.

I became a Certified TetraMap Facilitator in 2010, and qualified as a Master Tetramap® Facilitator in 2013. TetraMap fits seamlessly into my work and I love the way it uses nature’s four elements as a metaphor and a framework for understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us so that we can harness diverse thinking and be more sustainable and holistic in our activities.

“Nicki conveys her own enthusiasm to others and stretches them to think differently. She uses her deep understanding of TetraMap, coupled with her own creativity, to keep interest alive and engage individuals in a way which meets their needs.”
Sandy Corbyn, HR Business Partner, Dorothy House Hospice

“Nicki is a highly talented facilitator and trainer…. she has an approach that energises and engages everyone she is working with or supporting.”
Rose Friel, HR Manager, The Soil Association

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Leadership development, Team development, Organisational development, Personal development, Nature-based learning.

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“Nicki is a rare gem…she is deeply motivated by her passion for people, nature, and learning. She combines a tremendous depth of experience and expertise in L&D with wonderful creativity and playfulness and her superpower of connecting people. She truly stands out in how she rejoices in bringing new learning and opportunities to others, and in letting other people shine. You’d be lucky to have an opportunity to work with her!”
Eva Ruijkrok-Lupton Director