Nikki Hommes

Nikki Hommes

Certified: 22nd November 2007

Potential Unleashed Training & Coaching Ltd
P O Box 35922
Browns Bay
Auckland 0753
021 132 1174

Potential Unleashed is in the business of doing just that – unleashing individual and corporate potential. My focus is on recognising strengths and building on them during fun, interactive, and applicable learning sessions that will stimulate you and make you want to know more. Your ideas, current practices, and thoughts will be challenged – stretching you a little further than you thought you could go. TetraMap is one of the most ideal tools that supports Potential Unleashed core values and strategies. In addition, it benefits my clients by being able to demonstrate how each member of an organisation plays a critical role in an effort to maintain balance within a group. Each member’s viewpoint is valued, bringing respect and mutual understanding to the relationship. The benefit of this is very powerful.

My focus is on:

  • Management and Leadership Development training
  • Coaching individuals both privately and in the workplace
  • Executive coaching – focusing on the areas of Executive Performance Management & Leadership Development.

I have a wide scope of experience, gleaned from a vast range of industries; these include Hospitality, Insurance, Reinsurance, Financial Services, Corporate Training, and most recently Retail Training experience.

I would love to assist you and your company to identify your specific needs, then custom design a learning solution for you. This will allow you to achieve new levels of performance and increased opportunity through improved communication, planning, and possible change initiatives. We will be able to put measures in place to track the increase in performance and report on these. I will encourage and challenge you, as I want the best for you.

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