Ollie Mack

Ollie Mack

Ollie MackCertified: 23/01/2015

Managing Director
Change & Transformation

Change and Transformation
Fusion Hive
North Shore Road
TS18 2NB
+44 (0) 164 295 5203


Ollie is Change & Transformations Managing Director. Oliver manages and leads our work delivering transformational change programmes to organisations of all sizes across the UK.

An expert coach and facilitator, Ollie has been working in organisational development since University where he rose to the top of student organisation AIESEC as International President based in Brussels. After a number of years working at Raleigh International heading up their Youth At Risk team (and becoming a key member of the board) Oliver moved to Common Purpose where he quickly moved through the ranks to Managing Director of their Customised Business.

Ollie’s highest profile score is Fire (having done the test a few times and it’s always top). Water and Earth follow not too far behind. Being optimistic and considering what is possible allows him to bring a new and fresh perspective to people who are dealing with significant workloads. Being able to bring this alive for organisations and their teams facing huge challenges is very rewarding.

Ollie says – “Since becoming a certified TetraMap facilitator in January 2015, we’ve been using the TetraMap tool with a wide variety of our clients ever since. Our clients include individuals, charities, councils, and manufacturing, with each sector finding TetraMap not only fun but extremely beneficial. By providing participants with the knowledge needed to raise their self-awareness and, when used in a team setting understanding their colleagues too, it’s great for team development! TetraMap is user-friendly, and everyone can get involved, making it a great tool for all.”


Leadership, Change Management, People Management, Team & Organisational Development, Coaching


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