Penny Holden

“Your extraordinary facilitation showed huge insight, intuition and respectful challenge which was coupled with expert leadership knowledge, experiences and intellect.”
Satisfied client

Facilitation-coach: I work holistically focusing on creating an individualised experience for each person, so that they can choose to change. Improving, growing, developing involves a mindset shift. This underpins any group work I do.

I have an enviable reputation as a quality high profile facilitator -‘down-to-earth’, challenging, results-orientated earth, coupled with empathetic and intuitive water; the vision, passion and fun of fire and the expansive knowledge depth, detailed, analytical, no-stone-unturned approach of air.

Specialist subjects:
* leadership & management (authentic, transformational, creating high performance, team leaders basics);
* effective change and transition;
* communication and conflict management (courageous conversation – managing performance!);
* personal Impact (mindset change, ownership, responsibility, positive psychology).

Experience: I have worked in the field of people and organisational capability and development for over 20 years and is still passionate and excited about creating learning that positively and powerfully impacts people and business. I have worked in-house and freelance across all sectors and most industries and at all levels as facilitator, consultant and coach.

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