Priscilla Looi

Priscilla Looi

Certified: 23rd November 2012

+65 97719192

Priscilla is a Specialist Adult Educator with more than 8 years of experience in training and development sector in the education sector for staff development. She has managed large scale projects that are worth up to $200k in value. Through providing dedicated end to end services, she is committed to delivering quality training experiences to her clients. 

TetraMap Facilitation

I have been certified as a TetraMap Facilitator since 2012, and have conducted countless Tetra Workshops to a variety of audiences. As I learn more and more about TetraMap, I believe that it is more than a tool – it is a way of life. 

I have personally benefited from integrating Tetra-Philosophy into my everyday life. It has helped me in my career and my personal life to forge meaningful connections with the people who cross my path. Similarly, my learners learn more about themselves and the people around them, how they can better engage others to achieve personal or organisational goals.

I love facilitating Tetra workshops, because, every session is a Tetra adventure, that reminds me of the power of synergy and how synergy is derived from uniqueness.


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