Rachel Worner

Rachel Worner


The majority of my working career has been in HR, both in New Zealand and the UK. I have worked in office, factory, and Head Office environments, having responsibility for all aspects of HR during that time.

I get a real buzz out of helping people be the best they can be, whether this is through competency and skill development, coaching, or job design. I believe work can and should be fun and engaging, no matter what it is, and that the big difference in high-performing organisations is the people within them, and the opportunities they are given to shine.

I am currently with Jan Alley and Associates, and have worked with organisations of all sizes and in many different sectors. My work has included coaching, mentoring, recruitment, employee relations, contract and policy development, facilitation, and assistance with the purchase of a business, in addition to training and development.

I have developed an interest into learning and education; I worked in the education sector in the USA, and am now the Deputy Chair of a College Board of Trustees.


TetraMap Facilitation

I am a qualified Coach and also trained to administer several of the personality profiling tools. I found those tools insightful and useful for me personally and to clients, but I felt they put people in boxes and categorised them, sometimes in an unhelpful way.

When I was introduced to TetraMap, I was excited by the possibilities it opened up. It helped me to understand myself more, but it is also a tool that is easy and quick to use and can be utilised by individuals and teams to understand themselves and each other better. In both a personal and work context this can enhance performance, tolerance, and encourage (rather than restrict) diversity.

I liked it so much that I became a trained Facilitator and I love using TetraMap with individuals and teams, and seeing them have fun and grow in understanding and capability as a result.

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Rachel Worner
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Certified 22/11/2012

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