Rafael Moreno Romero

 Rafael Moreno Romero

Certified: 24th November 2009

Rafael Moreno & Associates
Bogota 105
Col Altavista
Monterrey, N.L.
CP 64840 Mexico
+52 818 450 0174

For the last 25 years I have been selling and implementing new practices and ideas, producing either cost savings, improvements in customer service, and/or moving quickly from strategy to actual execution as required by different organizations ranging from industrial to agro-industrial companies.

The abilities to work with large interdisciplinary groups, to identify marginal practices, and simultaneously listen to the needs, wants, and concerns of colleagues and customers have been enhanced though time.

I am sure that, given the opportunity, you will find that this experience will be translated and enhanced through the practical down-to-earth use of the TetraMap model in the area of concern or improvement you are dreaming your organization could either implement or change to.

TetraMap Facilitation

I found that the TetraMap model is very simple.

  • Simple to understand, as is nature.
  • Simple to explain, as are the elements of nature.
  • A simplicity that happens as the model deals with very complex balances and concepts.

So, after learning and using very complex models to try to simplify the understanding of human behavior I have found in TetraMap the opposite: a simple method to deal with the complexities of human behavior with the added benefit that the whole process is aided by the use a of a map – a map that allows you to follow a path that, in my 25 years of experience, I had never considered could be there.

I propose that this model will help you, and also that I can facilitate you walking the path.

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