Rebecca Oliver

Rebecca Oliver

Certified: 09/02/2018

Telephone: 07921819160

Becky is an experienced transformation specialist with a focus on achieving change by empowering and collaborating with people.

Becky uses TetraMap practically taking a blended approach to learning and change…”I work constantly to understand and develop mindset and behaviour to drive for the best outcome to be achieved”.

The diverse experience Rebecca brings in a variety of sectors and companies means TetraMap is used daily as a tool to help understand and flex behaviour: Both her own behaviour and others. Rebecca has worked and lead Transformation programmes on a large scale.


At Curium we have developed a unique relationship with TetraMap and have purpose-built facilities that takes learning and applying TetraMap to a new level. The core learning of TetraMap proves to excite and enlighten delegates, as any facilitator will experience time and time again.

At Curium we have taken the application of TetraMap to a much broader range of areas and have demonstrated how the model fits with our own top-tier Change Management methodology; Curium Way4Change.


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