Renee Rainville


Renee has exceptional intuition and objectivity when it comes to seeing the bigger picture. As an experienced educator, she found that coaching skills and a holistic approach to personal and professional growth was part of the 21st century skills made so popular in recent years. Renee is a certified Life Coach and a Certified TetraMap Facilitator. Her workshops and courses for educational administration, teaching, and parenting in the 21st century have helped schools and parents explore effective techniques and break-through paradigms becoming models to be followed. In recent years, she has applied her skills to developing work teams that were struggling under control-based leadership. Her mission is to inspire people to take a step forward into the unknown and make the world a smaller place through understanding and communication.

I have worked in Mexico, Qatar and Jordan. With my understanding of the Middle East culture, I continue to strengthen ties in that region and am available for workshops in that area of the world.


TetraMap Facilitation

The TetraMap program empowers us to:

  • Become observers of our actions, reactions and emotions.
  • Create a framework for goal setting.
  • Cultivate and balance abilities for proactive communication.
  • Foster an environment of true collaboration.
  • Enjoy highly productive individuals.

The TetraMap program has been part of my life for over 4 years. Both my children use the TetraMap vocabulary when referring to any issue with relationships. This tool has transformed the way I see the world and education, and I look forward to sharing this vision with you.