Renee Williams

Renee Williams

Certified: 03 December 2020

Contact: 8684738454

People issues? Relationship problems? Team friction? New boss not getting along with the team? Frontline staff not getting along with each other?

Some of the most stressful or distracting issues at work can occur when people don’t understand each other. I focus on assessing individual behaviors and team dynamics, and will provide the tools needed to chart a way forward, improve communication and contribute to workplace excellence.

I have had 20 years in the energy sector with a few oil and gas majors, as well as some experience in the banking and local public sector. Currently I am a Planning and Resources Manager in a multinational firm situated in Trinidad and Tobago. As the only Certified TetraMap Facilitator in T&T, my mission is to help people to get to know each other, reduce complexity in communication and to recognize diversity. Essentially I am a creative problem solver, that specializes in guiding people to understand themselves better – helping them to interact more effectively.

Through the use of the TetraMap tool and discovery learning exercises, I can provide a refreshing and simple way to get people working together fast and collaborating easily. In this virtual world, team dynamics is even more important!  I am excited and fascinated to have the opportunity to facilitate this value based model, that assists with knowing oneself, harmony, group cohesiveness and better performance!

I love it when people get along and collaborate.

I am willing to travel within T&T and can do virtual training within the Caribbean.

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