Richard Goold

Richard Goold

Richard GouldCertified 3/09/2020

Ryver Partnership Limited


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I am an experienced Executive Director and Consulting Leader with a strong track record and significant experience in supporting organisations with their biggest strategic challenges. This has included growing a successful consulting business and leading it through a management buyout and trade sale.

As the Managing Partner of Moorhouse, I am proud to have been part of a leadership team that built a successful consulting business with a genuine commitment to engaging, exciting and developing its people. As a result of this commitment, we supported some of the world’s largest organisations and major Government departments in responding to their biggest strategic challenges – building long-term relationships and leaving a legacy of increased capability, skills and knowledge at the end of our engagement with them.

I am passionate about people and talent and the exponential value that organisations can deliver to clients through engaged and excited people. Throughout my time at Moorhouse, I have personally led the people agenda and genuinely believe that it is through the investment we make in our people that we are able to deliver exceptional work for our clients.

During this time, we used TetraMap to to unlock the potential of our people and transform team performance. The four basic elements of nature as a metaphor to look at human behaviour became an inherent part of how we worked together and worked with our clients. By understanding the diversity of team behaviour and preferences, we were able to improve communication and achieve better relationships and results.

It was because of what we experienced that I became a TetraMap facilitator.


Leadership, High-Performing Teams, Top-Team Performance, Peak Performance, Coaching, Mentoring


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