Ridhwan Yusoff

Ridhwan Yusoff

Certified: 28th September 2011

Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

115 Eunos Avenue 3 #05-04
Singapore 409839
+656274 0105

We introduce you to your truest best selves. 

Each person has a gift to add value to our world. Most of the time, that gift is dormant, hiding waiting to be unleashed. 

That’s where we come to you at a crossroads. Between where you are today and what you know you can become. 

We deliver experiences that catalyses transformations. Using a blend of interactive seminars, gamification, experiential learning and the power of disruptive technologies we help you nurture future skills like critical thinking, leadership, digital literacy, creativity and collaboration. 

Training over 500 000 learners a year, we reach out to audiences from the cradle to the grave. Our pre-school wing help kickstart young ones to make the world their playground. Our youth academy taps on the passion of youth to help them navigate and find their place in the world. Our professional and personal development wing keeps all of us game for the next big disruption coming around the corner. 

With the tools to make the world a better place, how can you and I work together so that we can kickstart the project of making a brighter tomorrow, today?

TetraMap Facilitation

Tetramap gives you the association of being an AVATAR. 

Just like James Cameron’s character, TetraMap is the missing link that connects us to understand the human mind, how it works and most importantly, why we do what we do. 

Transcending national boundaries, borders, cultures and status, TetraMap is the go-to tool to understand who you are and what value you add to the world in very relatable, meaningful and bite-sized portions. 

With that added bite, we can consume the myriad of challenges that comes through the filters of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. 

As a common language, TetraMap provides organisations an easy and visual way to bring teams together, work across different boundaries, be more of who they already are and create organisations that play wholly on their strengths that our individual weaknesses becomes redundant.

TetraMap is the GPS to where you are going next. Downloading your next success, that’s where you are headed, aren’t you? 

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