Rigel Walshe

Rigel Walshe


Davidson Kemp Consultancy offers a wide range of solutions to a complex problem: how can we bridge the communication gaps that get in the way of being productive and effective at work?

Along with my colleague Robyn, I cover a number of approaches to this issue. My specialty is Conflict Management. From personal differences right through to deeply-rooted issues in an organisation’s culture, not seeing eye-to-eye is often the cause of low productivity. And it’s reflected in poor performance, lack of engagement, increased stress, absenteeism, and high staff turnover.

We’ve supported a wide range of clients in addressing the people headaches in their workplaces – in sectors such as engineering and infrastructure, health services, insurance and other professional services, and a wide range of people in leadership roles and at the front line.

Besides my TetraMap facilitation and work with the consultancy’s clients, my experience and competency in this area comes from a decade with NZ Police, post-grad studies in Conflict Resolution, and accreditation as a mediator (LEADR).

I see TetraMap as a great tool to help us increase our empathy with our colleagues and stakeholders, and to find the most efficient way to use our differences to complement, rather than compete with each other.

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Rigel Walshe
Davidson Kemp Consultancy
Certified 04/07/2013

Client Testimonial

“I found Rigel’s session informative and really useful. I have a better understanding of why things are as they are and the tools to do something about making it all work.”

Professional Services Company

Davidson Kemp Consultancy