Robbie Holden

Robbie Holden

Certified: 09th February 2018

Curium Solutions

Robbie is a member of the award-winning consultancy Curium Solutions, who specialise in driving change by empowering potential in individuals, teams and organisations.

As an experienced business transformation manager, Robbie knows the importance of focusing on the people aspects of change in order to land successful programmes with long lasting benefits.

Project teams are the most successful when they communicate well, trust one another, and work together with a common purpose and goal…achieve this, and even the most challenging and complex environments can become clear and manageable.


I can offer an insight into how TetraMap can be used to enhance your knowledge of the people around you, and how this can be practically put in place in a change management environment.

By using Tetramap to understand individual behaviours and preferences, it helps individuals understand the behaviours that they might ‘overplay’, enabling them to adopt a more balanced approach that will be more receptive to others.

It provides a common language and way of working that will not only strengthen the bonds within a team, but will enable the team to better respond to the needs of your stakeholders by communicating in a way that will engage, have impact, and most importantly spark action. Ultimately, Tetramap will enable you to deliver more effective and efficient change programmes by ensuring you have the right balance of all the elements to land and embed the change effectively.

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