Robyn Walshe


I’m known for helping people and organisations build effective connections through top-notch communication. I work to link behaviour, communication, and learning strategies so that people connect effectively and their business and teams grow and succeed.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap has been the key that opens the door for so many of the people I work with – particularly in our “Interpersonal Communications at Work” programme. Over the past 6 or so years more than 600 people have found new insights into engaging with others through using TetraMap. Regardless of their experience or the sector they’re working in, the message people feed back is just the same – “TetraMap unravels the complex; it makes ways of building bridges between people straightforward; it makes me more effective.”

Workshop participants (and coaching clients too) aren’t bogged down in theory. The tangible components (the wonderful tetrahedron!) create interest and engage even the stubborn learners. We have fun – and the learning sticks.

What stands out for me is that we can bring together a group of very different people – roles, levels in an organisation, experience, culture, gender, generation – and we all start talking the same language. It’s the most dependable tool in my toolkit!

That’s why I became a Master TetraMap Facilitator in February 2015. Now there’s so much more to uncover, implement, and pass on!