Dr Russ Day

Dr Russ Day

Certified: 19th June 2019

R. R. Day & Associates LLC
Telephone: 847-701-8973

Russ Day is a seasoned leadership coach, management consultant and group facilitator with over 35 years of experience in industry and consulting. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and is founder and President of R. R. Day and Associates which offers professional consulting services to help organizations build workforce capabilities by applying a broad spectrum of organizational development practices to enhance individual and organizational performance. He specializes in leadership development and executive assessment including psychological testing and 360⁰ feedback processes, team building, executive coaching, competency-based HR systems and tools, succession planning, performance management systems, employee and customer surveys, and strategically focused organizational development.

Team Building and Group Facilitation Capabilities:

Russ believes that team building and group facilitation has become a primary vehicle for helping individuals and leaders to work better together to not just deliver results but to deliver extraordinary results. Russ has worked with teams in a variety of organizations including manufacturing, insurance, finance & accounting, legal, healthcare, petrochemical, education and transportation to further develop and maximize their performance capabilities. Some of Russ’ clients include CNA Insurance, British Petroleum, A. M. Castle & Co., American Bar Association, Delnor Hospital, Warady & Davis Accounting, Abbott Laboratories, Tri-Arrows Aluminum, KAR Auctions, Barlett Village Fire Department, WHM Tool Group, United Way, and The Salvation Army.

Russ’s approach to team building and group facilitation is focused on helping groups and teams to maximize their effectiveness and overcome obstacles that may be blocking their success. His team building programs provide participants with insights, skills, and knowledge that will increase their personal effectiveness and ultimately, the effectiveness of the entire group. Russ is very familiar with a variety of assessment instruments to enhance understanding of one’s self and others as well as how well the team is currently functioning. It is an established fact that adults learn best doing. Russ’ team building programs capitalize on this fact and utilize structured and engaging activities for people to interact with one another to share their experiences and insights. In his team building programs, participants take an active role in jointly experiencing an event, reflecting on it, and sharing what they learned from it. Russ’ goal is to create an environment where quantum shifts in individual and team performance not only become possible, but common.

Russ, thank you for guiding my team and me yesterday. I am very optimistic and hopeful as we begin this new chapter. Thank you for being gentle when we needed you to be and thank you for being firm when it was necessary. We, as a high-performing team, knew this would not be an easy process. You did a wonderful job in opening our minds and hearts to understand the areas we must improve upon to move forward.
Bruce Dmytrow, Vice President, CNA Insurance

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