Russell Saunders

Russell Saunders

Certified: 5th July 2012

Chateau de la Mignarde
3591 Route des Pinchinats
Aix en Provence 13100


Brexit. Trump. North Korea. The economy. The Government. The weather. Healthcare. Game of Thrones. 

Our ability to control or predict has, arguably, never been less. 

With uncertainty so present in our lives, leaders, teams and organisations need to evolve their relationship with uncertainty and explore new ways of interacting with it. We need to stop fighting it and learn how to be in it. 

Russell Saunders is a sought after leadership expert specialising in the impact of uncertainty. He is a highly engaging and natural speaker and MC, equally comfortable connecting in small intimate settings and as part of large scale productions. 

He began his working life in sports and then shifted sharply into the Performing Arts before jumping into business. He brings the skills and insights he developed in his previous careers as a tennis player and coach and then as an actor to engage, communicate and inspire the people he works with. 

Before joining his business, inchigo, Russell started four organisations – two consulting companies, a theatre company and a pop-up restaurant. Through both failures and successes he has learned a huge amount about the “real world” application of his work. These experiences enable him to deeply understand the context and operational environment for those hearing him speak. 

Growing up the son a publican, living above the pub his family owned and ran, from a young age Russell developed the ability to engage people from all walks of life. Hence, he finds himself working with many levels within a business from the boardroom to the shop floor. 

In the latest phase of his career, he has worked extensively with large multinational companies such as Philips, Airbus, McDonald’s, Exxon Mobil, Unilever, Countrywide and GSK as well as smaller organizations. His projects have included work on Uncertainty, Collaboration, Engagement, Leadership Development, Culture Merging, Communication and Strategy Development. 

He obsessively follows most sport, is a lover of animals and an avid horse racing fan. 

Russell is a Partner of inchigo and TheOceanTree Group. 

The OceanTree Group is dedicated to creating a profitable, sustainable and meaningful world for the greater good of all, by integrating economic, social and human value. 

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