Sabrina Sehra

Sabrina Sehra

About Me

Hi, I’m Sabrina –the founder of the Career Development Group, an experienced leadership coach, organizational development strategist, and management expert, who is on a mission to drive your organization forward with my expansive thinking on leading people to success through reflective training and coaching. Being an unconventional leadership coach, I add result-oriented methods to intuition to help you compete for the star employees of tomorrow.

I work with C-suite leaders, professionals, and corporations, to accelerate the progress of your teams and set a foundation for sustainable growth for your business.

I hold a B.Sc. with Hons from Queen Mary University of London. I have also acquired several noteworthy certifications, including CIPD (Certificate in People Development), International Coaching Federation Executive Coaching Certificate, and LPI (International Learning Award) –all of them bearing testimony to my diligence and expertise in adult learning methods.

My clients range from IT and Tech firms, investment and finance corporations, tourism agencies, education departments, and NGOs all the way to government-run businesses. They all have one thing in common – they have greatly benefited from my expertise in people development.

My core strength lies in identifying your organization’s unique people challenges and targeting them at their roots. I focus on defining your business goals, understanding your team culture, and offering you a wide array of growth options that not only help your team adopt a broad mindset but also generate a cohesive, future-proof environment. For me, you are more than a client. You are an ambitious business that envisions optimum growth. And yes, I can go all out to help you transform your vision into reality.

Tetramap as a Tool

I have consistently used Tetramap as a tool to tap into your employees’ potential and encourage them to go the extra mile, build deep, professional relationships and understand the diverse environments they perform within.

If you are an organization that has leaders who need to take that next step in their performance or career, or you have a team that you know has untapped potential, I can use Tetramap to give your team that push they need to outperform their peers.

The program I run with Tetramap, incorporates the simplicity, ease of application and cohesion the tool was intended for, and I can demonstrate the returns you will make as a result.

My primary aim at the Career Development Group is to help your business think forward, get forward, and stay forward in a diverse, equal and inclusive way.
My ability to see the latest market trends, and design and execute strategies to drive your business growth, through Diversity, Equality and Inclusion with a clear Return on Investment makes me unique.

Reach out so that we can discuss ways in which we can use this powerful tool to quickly take your team to the top.

Expert in:

  • leadership development
  • team collaboration and development
  • culture change
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • corporate power skills
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