Sally-Anne Cotton

Sally-Anne Cotton


I map the hidden cultural currents in systems (teams or organisations) that support or inhibit achieving strategic and operational outcomes with a simple, effective tool that establishes a base line and ROI.

I work with individual leaders and their teams to build values-driven cultures where their people are engaged, flourish, and contribute discretionary effort to grow high performance, profitable businesses.

Drawing on a unique range of tools, models, and methods built up over many years, I design and facilitate bespoke programs that deliver measurable results. Whether workshops, team, or individual coaching, interventions deliver desired outcomes linked to strategic imperatives.


TetraMap Facilitation

The ‘simplex’ nature of TetraMap inspires and excites me. The simple 3-dimensional holistic model lends itself perfectly to explore the rich complexity of human preference and gain greater understanding of self and others.

The is no judgement and no right or wrong to people’s preferred styles. The rich distinctions arising from the combination of primary and secondary preferences facilitates greater effectiveness in relating, communicating, valuing difference, and diffusing conflict.

In aligning people, culture, and strategy for improved performance and profit, TetraMap provides a base of common language and understanding on which to build a values-driven, high-performing, engaged organisation where people flourish.

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Sally-Anne Cotton
Executive Alchemist
Certified 06/04/2011

Executive Alchemist
2 Cadby Place
Frankston South
Vic 3199
0416 115 411