Sally Freebairn

Sally Freebairn

Certified: 22nd October 2016

Kiwi Compass
Kahiwi basecamp

My training and experience in developing Kiwi Compass brings together the elements of health professional, management, outdoor skills active sport and recreation training, psychology, sociology, plant identification, creative writing and thinking skills with a love of the outdoors.

I ask you to challenge the status quo, to discover both your intuition and your leadership qualities by understanding what it is that makes you unique and a valuable member of any team. Understanding and interlinking with your co-workers is one of the most important determinants of well being (Myers, 1999), encouraging positivity and resilience (Ryan & Deci, 2001). Drink the wild New Zealand air and be not afraid to take the path less trodden (Robert Frost). Be ready to be challenged in your thinking, for being challenged is the only way to find your flow (Csikszentmihaly, 1990). How would you like to join me in the wilderness and experience fresh air to think with?

If we understand what our needs are and why we function as we do, we can make changes to enhance our self-actualisation. I enjoy facilitating outdoors or in a natural environment. The natural world has a lot to teach us about balance. Did you know it’s true, we can improve our creative reasoning in the wild by switching off the electronics for just a short while (Atchley, Atchley, & Strayer, 2012).

In the workplace employees strive for engagement and the ability to implement their ideas with competence and trust gained. No one wants their vitality threatened. Employers and management can implement intuition if they understand the positive aspects of dissent, what each individual’s motivations are and how to change the language. If employees understand the process of what happens when one idea opposes another idea and that change can cause a state of temporary chaos, we allow ourselves to engage in problems instead of disengaging. Action and preemptive action is a creation of a deep thought process not a reactive consequence. In an age of having to find our own standpoint and rudder for direction we can be confused by choice and regret of alternatives not taken. Use any disadvantage standing in your way to learn new strategies. In the intensity of the moment slow time down to make the right choice with a clear path ahead. Use introspection to activate the thought process for innovation and creativeness.

Allow me to introduce you to the interlink between ecology and the health of your workforce. Uniqueness, useful deviancy, intuitive leadership, motivation, creativity are discovered as you fling off your shoes and join me in the outdoors, the opening portal for enrichment.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap is a fantastic and practically applicable tool to discover who you are and what your unique qualities are. It allows you to embrace these qualities as you discover how to relate to others with alternate qualities to offer i.e. standing on someone else’s mountain to see the view. All elements together create synergy rather than one element alone.

Understanding what your own values are improves your ability to resolve disputes and enhance each person’s vitality as a team member. Find an easy balance between freedom of decision and getting the job done. Relating everything back to a natural model makes problem solving easy and provides a standard to refer to every time. Find your team values and the assets of team members with TetraMap. I will bring TetraMap into the outdoors for you.

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