Sarah Leberman

Sarah Leberman

Sarah LebermanCertified:22nd June 2022

Sarah Leberman Consultancy Limited
+64 21 048 1486



Connector, Facilitator, Enabler, Strategic Thinker, Activator. Passionate about equity. Co-founder and Co-chair Women in Sport Aotearoa. Striving and advocating for Mana Ōrite.

I love working with people to help them understand themselves first. What are their preferred behaviours, how best to communicate with others and above all how to leverage the strengths of every team member so they can be the best versions of themselves.

I have extensive experience in designing and delivering leadership programmes over the past 20 years within education, sport and the corporate world. My why is to enable everyone to exercise leadership in areas they are passionate about, with a particular focus on wāhine (women) and kōhine (young women), and people who have never had opportunities to learn about leadership.

For more information see my LinkedIn page or reach out for a conversation.


Leadership, Team building, Culture

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