Sean Boyle

Sean Boyle


Unlocking and developing the potential that exists in individuals and teams, which unlocks and enhances the potential of organisations.

Provide training and consultancy services that deliver on specific learning outcomes that empower people to think creatively and challenge where necessary.

Training is fun, dynamic, collaborative and experiential. It is designed around full interaction, the open sharing of experiences, and the ‘work-based’ application of sound, proven theory and best practice.

I am an experienced, passionate, and enthusiastic educator who leads through example. I have over 20 years of Engineering experience encompassing a variety of fields and 10 years of experience in the Primary Education sector. During this time, I have successfully led multiple teams and initiatives in the public and private sectors.

My philosophy is one which believes in empowering and developing the skills and attributes of all where I foster and promote a culture of trust, responsibility, integrity, discretion and compassion. I am a highly motivated individual, committed to inspiring others, enabling, supporting, and empowering those I have worked with, coached, or mentored; adult and child alike.


TetraMap Facilitation

I was fortunate enough, as part of a staff development programme, to observe TetraMap being delivered, as part of a negotiating course, by Francine Brooks, a certified TetraMap training and associate trainer for ATNGroup Teaching & Consultancy Services Ltd. I was inspired by the power and potential of TetraMap. Nature exists in may different forms; we are nature and its use as a metaphor is quite liberating. As unique as we all are, we are similar in many ways. TetraMap recognises and celebrates that we each have preferences, and some of these preferences may change in different situations. TetraMap empowers the individual to better understand and celebrate themselves and others. I look forward in enabling people to start their own journey of discovery.

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Sean Boyle
ATNGroup Teaching & Consultancy Services
Certified 10/06/2015

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