Sebastian Yum Zhi Xian

Sebastian Yum

Sebastian Yum

Certified: 27th November 2019



Sebastian first started working in the outdoor adventure industry at the age of 24, conducting small group activities with students. Through the years, he progressed from strength to strength, picking up facilitation skills across a wide range of age groups. He was also actively involved in various training workshops covering a range of topics, such as study skills, cyber-wellness, leadership and career guidance.

Other than his vast experience in outdoor education, Sebastian has been heavily involved in working with preschool students. Other than weekly enrichment engagements with schools, he has also been part of various nation-wide outreach programmes that share about a range of topics from being good neighbours to reading programmes. He is an engaging and passionate facilitator who believes in empoweringothers through understanding their mindset and perspectives.

Today, he continues to pursue his passion to develop and train youths, especially the younger ones in hopes of inspiring them to become better individuals that can bring forth a new generation of change. He believes in empowering others through understanding their mindset and perspectives.

TetraMap serves as a simple and effective tool that allows participants to realise the simple question of “Why are you like that?”. TetraMap simplifies the progression from self-awareness to the awareness of people around them and finally to how we interact with others, enabling many to relate and apply the ideas.


Outdoor Education, Student Development, Experiential Learning.


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