Sharon Pheasant

Sharon Pheasant

Sharon PheasantCertified 27/09/2022

Sharon Pheasant

Quality Advisor, Curriculum Development & Course Facilitator


Sharon is a quality advisor, curriculum developer and a course facilitator at Upskills, a training consultancy specialising in supporting individuals and organisations to unlock their full potential.

With a special interest in leadership training and helping leaders to bring out the best in their teams, she sees TetraMap as a key tool in building emotional intelligence.
“I love introducing people at all levels of an organisation to TetraMap as the Elements provide tangible ways to increase self-awareness and empathy. It’s easy to grasp and once people get it, I often see barriers break down and people encouraged to cross some of those real or perceived divides to improve problem-solving and communication for the benefit of everyone”.

Upskills use TetraMap inside many of their workplace training programmes, as it transforms the way people think about training others, communicating with their teams as well as their own leadership practice.


Leadership, Academic Skills, Coaching

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