Shirley Wakelin

Shirley Wakelin


Having worked in corporate life for over 20 years, I transitioned into Coaching at the end of 2010 to follow my passion – developing human potential.

I passionately believe that we are all more capable than we give ourselves credit. As a coach I gain a huge amount of fulfilment in partnering with leaders and teams with the desire and commitment to shift performance gears.

With experience in a variety of leadership roles both nationally (UK, Australia and Greece) and globally, I can relate to the complexities of the organisational systems within which many leaders and teams operate. This insight into the many subtle nuances of corporate life allows me to quickly and efficiently partner with my clients to get to the heart of our coaching work together.


TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap is a powerful catalyst enabling a team to connect with and appreciate their collective diversity. Unlike other behavioural profiling tools where questionnaires need to be completed ahead of events, TetraMap is performed live, as a team, in as little as half a day.

In addition to insights around own preference, the process allows a team to understand its own unique collective profile – connecting more deeply with areas of strength, and highlighting where more attention may be required.

There are many factors that weave a complex interplay contributing to high team performance, and arguably a foundational platform is mutual trust, understanding, respect and support. The metaphors of nature often provide powerful ‘A Ha’ moments, where behaviours of colleagues can be re-framed quite significantly. TetraMap is about creating greater mutual understanding, and highlighting the unique value that each individual contributes to the team.

TetraMap can be particularly valuable for

• Bringing project teams together quickly and accelerating the ‘forming’ process
• Integrating and reconnecting a team when membership changes
• Challenging the thinking around specific plans, ensuring that consideration has been made ‘through every lens’

If you would like to explore how TetraMap could support your team development, I’ll be delighted to connect up with you to better understand your needs and how we might partner together.

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