Simon Pocock

Simon Pocock


I work with leaders to improve how they engage with their own style and those of others more effectively.

What I’m MOST proud of though is how we in O2 have started bringing a TetraMap lens into everyday models and theories that people have been using for years.

It adds a brand new dimension that is both fresh and practical that absolutely impacts on behaviours and outcomes.


TetraMap Facilitation

It’s the simplicity of the tool that grabs me (can you tell I’m Fire!?).

So many other tools bamboozle the recipient with science and complicated interpretations, which are there for those who want to take TetraMap to a deeper level.

But if you’re someone who just wants something simple and useful to begin using immediately, then the tool has the flexibility to cope with that and deliver that simplicity effectively.

I’ve never come across a more versatile tool from that perspective.

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