Stephen Pauley

Stephen Pauley


I have worked independently since 2001 and help develop positive people, performance and profitability. Previously I was a manager in the financial services industry, so I have lots of practical experience to share with clients. My commercial awareness and knowledge combined with excellent people skills are a unique and powerful mix of skills.

I am author of the book Be First Class – available at

I have worked with both public and private sector companies.

I am passionate about people development and helping people use more of their potential and achieve sustainable results.


TetraMap Facilitation

I love how quickly clients get the essence of TetraMap and the use of the nature metaphor really helps them relate it to their world. They soon get a helpful and practical insight into their behaviour and those around them. It is a simple but extremely powerful tool.

The tool is wonderful in helping people and teams play to their strengths and to value difference and diversity. It is pivotal in helping team members gain greater understanding of themselves and colleagues and helps them develop improved and sustainable results.

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Stephen Pauley
Be First Class Limited
Certified 17/03/2010

Client Testimonial

When I was looking for a development and coaching programme for my team I turned to Stephen Pauley as I liked the way he approached the challenge with real passion, commitment and individualism. Stephen really took the time to get to know me and my team over six months and I saw a notable step-up in terms of the performance of both the group and the players within it. He helped them identify their own skills, talents and how to master them both in and out of work. In a world of bland, off the shelf courses this was a really refreshing change to have a bespoke solution that shaped itself into what we needed and adapted over its life as we developed as a team. I know that when the programme was over all the team were both impressed with what they had done as well as sad that their individual coaching sessions were finished! I have no doubt that Stephen has the ability to be different, is really passionate about what he does and adds real value through his interactions and would his services again.

Andrew Winton
Head of Telesales, T-Mobile

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