Sue Bottema

Sue Bottema


PSI gives support when the game plan needs to change for you or for your company. What this means is that the questions ‘what’ and ‘how’ get answered. With coaching–using proven tools and/or facilitation of customised programs–you get the support you need. Personally and professionally you have “the edge” to facilitate the change, communicate with impact and get the results you need.

Everyone needs a champion who is genuine and committed to helping you/your team get where you want to go. Our mission is guidance in achieving measurable outcomes and “Facilitating the Future”.

TetraMap Facilitation

The beauty of TetraMap is that it complements and extends anything you’re doing in upskilling and personal development of staff. It adds subtleties and sophistication. As its creator often shares, TetraMap adds a new dimension to reduce conflict, add value, achieve high performance and create meaning, all using the elements of nature which every, person can relate to.

It can be adapted for any level and in a variety of contexts. If you are looking for something that people can remember and use, then choose TetraMap.”

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Sue Bottema
Performance Solutions International
Certified 08/09/2010

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