Sue Schoormans

Sue Schoormans

Certified: 18th June 2008

Website: SLS Orientation
Telephone: 0031 (0)657262481


Sue (Luford) Schoormans is a career and intercultural coach and trainer; she enables professionals to build and develop their careers at home and abroad.

Sue has over 25 years’ international human resources (HR) management experience, has a Master degree in International HR and Globalisation and a Certificate in Career Coaching.

Originally from the United Kingdom, having lived in the USA and Norway and now living in the Netherlands, Sue has first-hand experience of the opportunities and challenges that arise when working and living in a foreign country and, when returning home. She has learned that self-awareness, self-confidence and having a clear and focused orientation plays a significant role in ensuring professional success. Sue’s mission is to enable her clients to build and develop their careers abroad and back home; careers that are attuned to their values, skills, behaviours, motivations and aspirations.

TetraMap Facilitation

Sue has delivered TetraMap in England, Norway, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Sue utilises TetraMap in her work to enable clients to both identify with and increase awareness of their preferred behavioural and communication styles. This she views as invaluable when living and working in a foreign country.


Sue’s workshops provide both personal and professional growth. I personally found the TetraMap® workshop very valuable and have used the tools many times already. I warmly recommend Sue to future employers and clients.

Sue led a TetraMap® seminar and a creative brainstorming break-out. Both sessions were delivered in a very warm and professional manner, were extremely hands-on and provided a safe environment for personal and professional growth.

Participants comments from the TetraMap® workshop delivered at the 2009 WIN Conference in Prague. The overall rating was 4.78 out of 5.

Enthusiastic and uplifted, learned a lot about myself and how to relate to others.

Insightful, plenty of fun and learning too.
Very positive, surprised about my behaviour patterns.
Energized and engaged, very confident and aware of people’s differences.”

I loved the workshop, it’s been really fun, enjoyable and positive.

Thoroughly enjoyable, fabulous – best session of the conference.

Very good insight into others styles.
It was a lot of fun and the exercises helped with networking and knowing people in a different way.
WIN Conference 2009

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