Suzy Phillps

Suzy Phillps


TetraMap-wise I have a strong preference for Fire and Water! I am a learning and development consultant/facilitator and work with individuals, teams, and organisations mainly across the UK. I am a qualified coach with an MSc in People Development, a BEd. with English, and am certified in TetraMap, MBTI, TA, Creativity and Imagination, Training and Development, and the Team Management System.

Passionate about creative and fun approaches to my work.
Associate of Saltbox Training and Events.

I am also a semi-professional artist and teach young children abstract painting and craft making.

I love working with people of all ages to support their learning and ability to be themselves and reach their potential.


TetraMap Facilitation

The whole values and philosophy behind TetraMap make sense to me and fit with who I am and how I like to live my life and approach my work.

I am very keen to start to use TetraMap with my clients having recently been certified in using it. I would be interested in co-facilitation opportunities.

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Suzy Phillps
Creative Connexions Assoc. Ltd.
Certified 21/05/2014

Creative Connexions Assoc. Ltd.
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Tunbridge Wells
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