Tait Grindley


The Institute of Management NZ is in the business of helping people and organisations within New Zealand to build excellent business management and leadership capabilities.

At IMNZ I’m fortunate to provide a wide range of professional development programmes including customised management training courses for organisations and individuals. This in the way of professional short courses and nationally recognised qualifications.

IMNZ has three key roles – Research, Learning and Recognition.

IMNZ proactively researches and communicates management best practice. We partner with managers and organisations to build their capabilities through learning and development. We are also committed to providing professional recognition at all levels of professional development.


TetraMap Facilitation

We use TetraMap in selected programmes that require participants to be aware of their own and their peers’ behavioural styles and the positive things that come from ‘being different’.

The TetraMap philosophy enables there to be no wrong answers, positive solutions, and generally enhances the learning experience.

As a ‘Fire’ myself, it’s easy to see the benefits and be passionate about the range of applications for a start. TetraMap is the ultimate ‘leveller’ in a training session and provides practitioners and participants with a unique perspective of communication, management, and a general insight into natural human behaviour.

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Tait Grindley
Certified 08/09/2010

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