Tan Shu Mei

Tan Shu Mei

Tan Shu MeiCertified: 23rd November 2012



Have you ever

  • felt puzzled or frustrated why someone is “like that’?
  • felt that someone is so different, it is almost impossible to communciate and work with him/her?
  • wonder how to build a dynamic team with a group of people who are so different?

Firstly, I want to congratulate you for being aware of your feelings and the observations that you have made. The first important step towards a solution is to be aware of the gaps, from you are and where you want to be. In this world, it is with people of different preferences that made up a unique world. Often than not, we hear “Great mind thinks alike”. But to have a dynamic team with different personalities that can complement one another, is even more powerful.


Introducing TetraMap, where it allows you to be aware of the preferences of yours and others. Thereafter, learn on your strength and how to communicate better even under stress. What you will see after the training is more empathy towards team mates and even customers.

In this 21st Century, children and youth are exposed to social media and often take reference from the platform to decide on their identity. At times, they may face identity crisis or even stress that arises from unnecessary expectations. It is important for them to understand about themselves better and affirm on the strength that they have.

Learning do not have to be complicated and “filly felleh”. With TetraMap and experiential learning, it is intiutive and we make complicated concepts simple to understand and learn. It is customisable to different age group. It can be with a room, on the urban city or even out in the nature!

Shu Mei’s involvement includes more than 10 years of consulting and designing of facilitating team building, life skills and leadership training for the young and adults. She was also a Programme Director for various training, from small group leadership training to large scale youth experiential learning event. With this, you will find be able have a programme that is customised to your group and able cater to your needs, making learning fun!

Your Specialities

Team building (Children, Youth & Adults), Leadership (Children, Youth & Adults), Experiential Life Skills Learning (Children & Youth)

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