Tan Shu Mei


With the mission of Transforming Lives Every Day, we adopt various experiential learning platform to allow participants to discover more of themselves and to be better than who they were yesterday. Through the approach of Gamification and Thematic role-playing activities, the participants are better engaged in the learning of Socio-Emotional Learning and 21st Century Competencies.

TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap allows us to discover about ourselves, our strength and blindspots. It has brought to our awareness of where to place our strength strategically, and also be mindful when to put more energy to work on our blindspots intentionally. As different people like to be approached differently, it has helped us to understand more our clients and participants better and allows us to meet their needs better. In the introduction of TetraMap to our clients, it has brought them enlightenment on understanding their stakeholders even better. With this level of awareness, we can help ourselves and our participants in training them on areas of self-development and leadership skills.