Tim Downes


I coach business leaders and teams to be more confident and time effective, to improve their performance, so that they achieve the results they want in work, life and within themselves.

I cut my teeth in leadership and personal development, working as a senior executive and change agent at Marshalls and Securicor. In 2001, I became the manufacturing industry’s first full-time executive performance coach. I’ve since left Marshalls to fly solo, delivering my True Results Programme to over 300 managers in a variety of UK and international businesses.

I started using my own behavioural and communication style model in 2001. Jeni Mumford and Anne Clews trained me to become a TetraMap Cetrified Facilitator in 2007. I found that TetraMapping fit my own model like a glove: The Warrior became Earth, the Hero became Fire, the Sage became Water and the Samurai became Air. I’ve been using TetraMapping every month ever since


TetraMap Facilitation

I love the team bonding power and simplicity of TetraMapping.

TetraMapping plays a key part in both the first and final steps of my True Results Programme. I always use TetraMapping right at the start of the programme as it’s how I match my FIRE communication with my clients element. If I don’t, it can feel as if we’re speaking two different languages. At the start, the focus is CLARITY: helping people to see why they are the way they are and how other people may view them. Finally, I use the TetraMapping to help people create bridge-building relationships, which I call CONNECTION, by effectively adapting behavioural styles to realise positive, win-win outcomes.

I also use TetraMapping to enable sales professionals to identify TetraMap types and to adapt their communication style accordingly. This has seen consistent, measured improvements in their sales results.

I utilise the TetraMap, so that clients can understand the different leadership behavioural types: the EARTH Director, the FIRE Inspirational Leader, the WATER Coach and the AIR Project Manager.

I find that when people truly understand TetraMapping they can use it on a personal level to remains harmonious with virtually anyone. In groups, TetraMapping plays a major part in me helping them boost teamwork, communication, culture and performance. I particularly appreciate how the TetraMap helps people to truly value others. It is a wonderful, diversity tool that emphasises how everyone brings something special to the party…

“The coaching and training generated a marked improvement in the motivation, commitment and performance of the team. Tim is a real inspiration! I have personally benefited in a profound way.” Rory Kendrick (Natural Stone Managing Director) Marshalls Plc

I’ve recently enjoyed taking TetraMapping to Italy, using a specially designed Italian version. TetraMapping played a transformative role within a team that was led by a calm, caring WATER/AIR who was working with a strong and focused EARTH.