Tines Anbarasan

Tines Anbarasan

Certified: 03rd December 2014

Telephone: 90170371
serendipET Private Limited

Tines Anbarasan has been in this profession since 2014. He picked up the skills required for the trade fast. He is adaptive to change and absorbs information like a sponge. He has also graduated with a Degree In Communications and Media Management and a Diploma in Law.

Before joining this industry, Tines worked at the Singapore Zoo as an Animal Trainer and Show Presenter. His strength in leadership allowed him to rise to management responsibilities quickly.

This cycle repeated itself when he joined the industry. From being a newbie in 2014, he rose to the ranks of a General Manager at his previous employment in 2015.

Tines has taken on the role of Master Facilitator for many high profile leadership, team building and school programs. He has the ability to command a small group of 20 and has conducted programs for up to 1000 participants at once.

He has always been very active. He had a total of 8 CCAs in Secondary School. Badminton, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Drama Club, Track and Field, Choir and Scouts. He represented school in 7 of the CCAs and he was the Senior Patrol Leader for Serangoon Garden Sec Scout Troop. He loves climbing and being in and around water.

​As the Managing Director of serendipET, he believes that the best way to educate and lead is to first inspire.

Understanding your needs and wants with precision

TetraMap Facilitation

I love the holistic approach and how it can easily relate to different demographics and psycho-graphics.

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