Wendy Yeo

Wendy Yeo


Specialise in Leadership Development in my current capacity as a psychologist.

Played key roles (Project Manager and Subject-Matter Expert) in the R&D and system-level promulgation of future-oriented Leadership Development initiatives:

1) Contextualised multi-source feedback instrument, and establishment of a structured feedback and coaching system for prominent leadership levels.

2) Team Learning (using the Tetra Approach) Learner, Facilitator and Trainer packages

3) Thinking Skills Programme

Also facilitates individual and team-level feedback and coaching using MBTI, FIRO-B, BELBIN, 16PF, Neo-PIR and the TetraMap.


TetraMap Facilitation

TetraMap’s key messages make learning enjoyable and challenging for me and my learners:

1) The greatest wisdom is found in the simplest (not simplistic) of things. The Tetrahedron, Nature’s principles and Elements demonstrate this.

2) Simplicity is easy to talk about but challenging to sustain.

As a facilitator,

1) Trust in the value of DIVERSITY

2) Allow INTER-DEPENDENT exchanges and team members to take the leadership

3) With personal investment comes ownership, with ownership comes SUSTAINABILITY

4) SYNERGY requires team interaction

My greatest responsibility is to role model the Tetra Approach in my thoughts and actions.

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Wendy Yeo
Certified 05/08/2009


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