Yoshimi Brett


My unique offering? With Jon, I co-created TetraMap. It’s been an incredible TetraJourney that began in 1980 with lessons from ancient Chinese philosophy about nature’s elements as reflections of behaviour. It wasn’t until in 1995 after learning about Buckminster Fuller’s great work that we branded TetraMap and announced its intentions: to reduce conflict and leverage diversity. Those intentions have never faded, and I believe have developed into a ‘way of being’ for many.

 TetraMap Facilitation

I’m at a stage in my life that I can happily ‘let go’ of our creation and entrust our Certified Facilitators to make TetraMap part of their offer. Each has integrated TetraMap meaningfully into their own work. In doing this, they support and ensure clients develop holistically and sustainably.

Jon and I now focus on creating partnerships with organisations who want to learn about, experience and embed an approach to learning and development that helps shift mindsets for a happier, more peaceful world.

Contact me if you’d like to start the conversation.