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Fact sheet and how to market

Who is it for?

This book is for CTFs, workshop participants, and anyone interested in learning more about TetraMap’s behavioural model. Nature is used as a powerful metaphor to illustrate four behavioural preferences. People will learn simple strategies to reduce conflict, value diversity, and strengthen relationships.

What are the benefits?

The book contains the background to the model’s development as well as how to apply the model with real-life case studies. This latest 2015 version includes additional post-script chapters discussing all the lessons learned by the founders of TetraMap while teaching the model to thousands of participants globally – a complete guide to TetraMap in an easy-to-read format!

Are people able to apply TetraMap once they have read this book?

People won’t be able to start teaching the model and its framework from reading this book, but they will be able to understand the principles and improve their everyday interactions with others. This book is ideal preparation for taking the next step towards becoming a Certified TetraMap facilitator.

What formats is the new eBook available in?

MOBI file (for Kindles) but there’s a free Kindle app.

Can I still buy the printed version?

There is very limited stock of the 2007 paperback edition which does not include the latest post-script chapters. You can order directly if you’re in NZ (choose the NZ Prices option); otherwise please contact us on info@tetramap.com.

Why an eBook?

TetraMap values sustainability and by reducing printing and shipping we are reducing our carbon footprint while delivering a product that has our end user in mind. With an e-book you can now read about and revitalise your TetraMap knowledge anywhere from any device.

How can I share the book with workshop participants and clients?

Use this slide in your workshops to encourage your participants to buy the TetraMap book; it will greatly enhance their learning and understanding and give them a ‘go-to’ resource post the workshop to continue their learning.

Here is a fantastic tool to allow you to effortlessly share the book and allow your participants to have a look before they buy. TetraMap have created a biblet which is a look-inside ‘widget’ with social share buttons and links to retailers website to buy the book in just a few clicks.

Here is the biblet link for you to copy and share on your own website, email signature or social media:

How do I give this book as a gift?

At the checkout at Amazon you will be able to click on the ‘Give as a Gift’ button. You will need an account to purchase from Amazon.

Can we offer a special discount?

Yes. If you want to buy in bulk and offer a discounted price to your clients, emailpublications@tetramap.com.

How do I download the free MOBI and EPUB files for CTFs to my devices?

Once you have logged in, click on My Tetra > Downloadable Resources > TetraMap book, then click on the hyperlink Develop people and business the way nature intended. Save the zip file to your hard drive and open it. To download to your device, use these instructions:

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