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First and foremost about the people

One idea, 8 regions and hundreds of lives transformed

First Foundation is a unique educational trust founded by Steven Carden to give talented young New Zealanders with few financial resources a hand up to tertiary education.

First Foundation brings together New Zealand businesses, mentors, schools, and students in a proven and holistic four-year programme that includes paid work experience, networks, and financial support from Scholarship Partners, advice and guidance from a personal mentor, and support and development from First Foundation.

Auckland awards group

TetraMap is a proud Capability Partner and offers resources, support, and time for the duration of the programme. We are privileged to work with an organisation as First Foundation which is so well aligned with our long-term philosophy and values. As part of our ‘pay it forward’ philosophy, we have gladly chosen to invest in future leaders who will make a difference in the world.

  • Year 1: My nature, your nature workshop. This is designed to build self-awareness and develop strong communication skills between student and mentor at the beginning of their relationship. It really helps them understand their differences and preferences. More importantly, the laughter and insights gained form a bond and a bridge so that when the going gets tough, the tough keep going!
  • Year 2:  Leadership and inter-dependent teamwork. This workshop is a refresher and an extension activity. Designed to link preferences to leadership, the importance of having a vision and communicating it, and valuing diversity in a team, it is both fun and challenging – lessons are learned from successes and ‘failures’. Students and mentors are on a level playing field when building their geodesic domes (inspired by R Buckminster Fuller).
  • Year 4: Understanding and aligning values. This event is part of preparation for leaving university and making career choices. Students are encouraged to consider the importance of fit between personal and organisational values, and mentors provide valuable insights from personal experience. The focus is on long-term wellbeing.

Students and mentors at a TetraMap workshop

The TetraMap evening allowed Nicole [Nazhat’s mentor] and me to bond further than we ever have. I realised that she displayed Earth characteristics while I was Water. Of course, these two are completely different but they complement well too. She is decisive and bold while I am hesitant and considerate. We discussed this at the evening and realised that Nicole wanted to be told things straight-up and did not like ‘fluffing around’. I think now that we both should have attended this evening earlier on in the process so that we would have had the chance to know each other better.

Nazhat, now studying at Auckland University

Comments from workshop participants

  • I really found the TetraMap evening useful for understanding my student’s enthusiastic approach.
  • Doing the TetraMap evening together and learning more about what type of people we are will help our communication and what we decide to do together.
  • TetraMap has helped bring an understanding of our different styles and interests. At the TetraMap evening we discussed how we could make improvements in our communication.

What’s next?

Contact our youth specialists: If you would like to discuss working with youth with a Master TetraMap Facilitator who specialises in this area, then please contact Stuart Fleming or John Williams.

TetraMap’s workbook for youth: TetraMap has produced a workbook for youth and non-corporate groups called My nature your nature. To find out more and to purchase your workbooks, click here.

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Andrea Daly describes how TetraMap is helping First Foundation with team cohesion and much more.

I want to thank both of you for the fabulously run Tetramap event last week. What a surprise to meet the Tetramap founders! I learnt more than I expected at this event and it has taught me to not underestimate or assume that I know what I’m going to get!

Maddy Boyd
Computer Systems Engineering student, University of Auckland
Winner of the Trustees Award 2015 

Read more about Maddy and why she was selected.

I definitely found this workshop to be one of the most informative and inspirational ones I have been to over the past few years, so thank you very much!

Michelle Elia Siloata, student

Read more about Michelle and why she was selected.

Geodesic dome team activity with TetraMap founders Yoshimi and Jon Brett, April 2015


“People get the hang of TetraMap so quickly. I use it more than anything else now.”

Bronwyn Anderson (MBTI certified) Psychologist,

Change Dynamics, NZ

“I love being able to use TetraMap to influence the people around me. Understanding the best way to facilitate people of different preferences is a really powerful way to ensure everyone gets a personal journey that works for them.

Andy Scrase

Telefonica UK