TetraMap Podcast – In Your
Element: Guest Interviews

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The In Your Element Podcast interviews guests who offer thought leadership insights : Leadership, Diversity, Psychological safety, Learning, Nature and TetraMap .

In Your Element – with Amy C. Edmondson, Harvard Business School, USA


Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School is our latest guest on the podcast. In her early career she worked alongside her hero (and ours) Buckminster Fuller as ‘Chief Engineer’. What an amazing connection. Charming and gracious, Amy is a research professor who is ‘In Her Element’ when teaching a group of students, and asking them deep questions to help them make sense and meaning of the topic at hand.

In Your Element – with Olive Strachan, MBE.

Global business woman, Entrepreneur and Founder of Olive Strachan Resources, Olive has recently been honoured with an MBE in the 2019 Queen’s Birthday honours list. Her love for TetraMap comes shining through. Olive tells us how it changed her life and how she’s used it for 10 years with clients all over the world.

Change the Learning Game with Lorenzo Giliomee

One of his proudest achievements during his time at O2 was developing a new learning culture he described as ‘Change the Learning Game’- which was to become a recognised commercial differentiator.  Called the O2 Campus, Lorenzo discusses how along with his team how they climbed Mount Everest – his metaphor for enabling the team to be successful – reminding us that no-one climbs Everest alone.

A systemic framework for positive change – Hector Rodriguez

Professor Hector Rodriguez, Mexico, describes how he discovered and fell in love with TetraMap many years ago – initially as a simple model for understanding difference and diversity. Since then, and through his long standing relationship with Founders Jon and Yoshimi Brett, he now sees TetraMap as a systemic framework that deeply becomes a part of you – allowing you to have greater impact in all you do and say. 

He explains how he currently uses TetraMap as a verb – in all aspects of his life and work –  as something which can be applied in any human setting. TetraMap is a positive approach to life, which at the same time demands we act on our own agency for change


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