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By Louise

"It requires a real commitment to do the learning, research, reading and work to truly understand and embed the concepts and principles into your life". 

Anna Bolton

Organisation & Capability Business Partner, Workforce Development Community and Services 

Waikato Regional Council | Te Kaunihere ā Rohe o Waikato

Anna is a mum to two children and focuses on health and wellbeing – amongst other things.   

My Master TetraMap Facilitator Journey

The past few years have been huge for me in terms of self discovery.  I have become deliberate and focused about my personal and professional development journey.  I first became aware of TetraMap by chance back in 2016 and have never looked back.  I instantly recognised TetraMap as a simple, yet powerful tool that unlocks a level of understanding about behavioural preferences that really make a positive impact on individuals and therefore our world. 

I made the decision to undertake the Master TetraMap Facilitator accreditation programme as I felt it would:

  • Fit with my professional and personal development goals
  • Align with my personal vision and mission
  • Open up a whole new world of thinking for me
  • Help me to build an international professional network of people who are like-minded but also very diverse to me
  • Help me to go deeper into my understanding of human nature in order to help people understand there own
  • Provide me with a new lens to see the world through. 

The programme has delivered all of this to me and more! 

I now understand that TetraMap is a model, a tool, a framework and an approach by which to live my life.  I see TetraMap in action in every aspect of my day to day life.  The number of AH-HA moments I have had on my learning journey has been incredible. 

These have had a positive, profound and irreversible impact on my life.  I was challenged along the way – both in terms of understanding new concepts and having my perceptions and views challenged and changed.  It requires a real commitment to do the learning, research, reading and work to truly understand and embed the concepts and principles into your life. 

I am excited to take the next steps in my professional and personal life with TetraMap embedded every step of the way!

If you are considering becoming a Master TetraMap Facilitator – don’t hesitate, just jump in and do it!  You will not regret it.

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Opening the door for others to lead. That's the mindset of a Master TetraMap Facilitator - how about you?

Become a MTF

Feeling safe with TetraMap

Anna’s heartfelt blog from MTF – Module 1 received a lot of attention on social media.

As I deepen my understanding of TetraMap and connect the dots to my other passions, I find myself drawn to the connections between diversity, psychological safety and TetraMap. I want people to feel that their diversity is celebrated and valued and that it’s safe to be who they are.

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Anna also explains how TetraMap has added value inside her organisation 



Feeling safe with TetraMap