Running the Geodesic Dome activity

By TetraMap_Admin

A Geodesic Dome is a strong, stable structure that uses the minimum amount of resources to enclose the maximum amount of space.
Reflects nature's principle of Doing More With Less.

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Extending learning after Teambuilding

Article by CTF Vivien Hui from Essentia, Hong Kong 

People are the heart of every organization, no matter if you have thousands of employees or just 5 of them. How people work together and whether they connected with each other is crucial to the success of a business.

Timelapse video

Each year, at TetraMap International we facilitate  this activity as part of our pro bono work to help Unleash Leadership Potential at Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  Participants (aged 18-25) meet earlier in the day and complete My Nature, Your Nature, to develop self-awareness and understand Elemental preferences and differences. 

This activity rounds out day one. It is magical to watch team being formed, and relationships being built. There is no doubt in the organisers mind how much value TetraMap brings to the overall 5 day programme. In 2020, we’ve been invited to return for the 17th consecutive year which is both an honour,an accoldade, and a pleasure!