Essential tips for delivering WAYLT
in a digital context

By TetraMap_Admin

You can create a virtual event and facilitate Why Are You Like That? digitally - same impact, facilitator led, technology enabled! In the current Covid context, teams need to collaborate and communicate even more.

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More Digital Suite videos from TetraMap 

Head over to the facilitator’s video page to see webinar recordings held as the Digital Suite was being introduced.  They’ll provide a useful reference, source of information and plenty of suggestions.     

The online tool landed well with participants and they were well prepared for the follow-on classroom session. The TetraPanel allowed the facilitator to review participants profile scores beforehand and prepare a summary of the team to share at the workshop.
Tony Dain, Future Vision Training, UK 

“It was great to use the digital version of why are you like that? again recently. I needed a reminder on how to access the tokens after I had redeemed them but realised all the information is available in the YouTube clips provided in the TetraPanel.

When facilitating the session the steps were easy to follow – just had to trust the process as always with TetraMap tools. The graphs provided with the digital version were very effective. Having several senior managers participate with their teams will have ongoing benefits now they have a shared understanding.”
Jan Alley, Master TetraMap Facilitator, New Zealand