Easy to learn. Simple to remember.
Useful for a lifetime.  

By TetraMap_Admin

People understand they are different and want to make meaningful contributions to the whole. Behaviour and communication are at the hearts and minds of business, team and organisational success.  Combining the two is a powerful formula for real business advantage.  

Easy to learn.

Answering the question “Why Are You Like That?”  engages everyone in the discussion.  This experiential process of self -discovery is not a prescribed formula or algorithm. Laughter and learning replaces anxiety. Hearts and minds are shifted.  Trust is built, curiosity is stimulated, and many different types of challenges can be explored together.  The experience created is safe and positive, and metaphor creates a universally acceptable and label-free language.    

Simple to remember.

  • Earth is FIRM.
  • Air is  CLEAR. 
  • Water is CALM.   
  • Fire is BRIGHT.  

That’s it.  TetraMap is simple but goes very deep. There is always more to learn.  

Useful for a lifetime. 

Using the model both inside and outside of work helps makes it sticky, real and relevant.  Moving beyond behaviour and applying the framework in other contexts makes the utility much broader.  The long term value lies in understanding how to apply TetraMap’s four Elements across a variety of topics – from building a team to building a house.   

“You can never learn less, you can only learn more.”
Buckminster Fuller

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In this 1:28-minute video Anne Clews, Head of Performance Solutions at Curium Solutions explains how TetraMap is used in developing self-awareness, team cohesion, and leadership.


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TetraMap is one of the most practical and useful  tools for teams that I have come across in my 20 years of business. The team now have a revived passion for the business, the desire to win, and the tools to allow them to achieve that.
Donna Worsley, Director, Tesco, UK