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By Louise

Welcome to In Your Element – A podcast created for you.

We interview guests from around the globe and engage them in conversations about what it’s like when you’re living and working In Your Element. We discuss how nature’s principles are serving as a guide for developing people, teams and business.  

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In Your Element – with Giam Swiegers – former CEO Aurecon – Sydney, Australia

Giam Swiegers was the Global Chief Executive Officer of Aurecon – a global engineering, management and specialist technical services company from February 2015 to January 2019.

A global business leader who is in his element when working in a team environment solving complex problems and strategies to help reposition organisations for their future success.

Recently retired, Giam discusses his work and shares his passions for sailing, jazz and his strong conviction – why diverse teams are critically important for business success.

He is clearly not ‘just a simple accountant’ but a smart, wise and gracious leader who educates and mentors others.

In Your Element – with Leyla Okhai Founding Director of Diverse Minds UK

Leyla discusses her work in Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Wellbeing, as well as her intriguing interest in deserts and love of camels. She has an impressive background from her tenure at Imperial College, London where she was the Head of Centre for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. She also worked at the University of Oxford for six years, specialising in increasing applications from underrepresented BAME young people.

In Your Element – with Andrew Melville – Journalist, Storyteller, Writer, Editor

We talk with Andrew Melville, a long time friend of TetraMap and also the editor of our book ‘ Develop People and Business the way Nature intended’. Andrew narrates part 2 of the book for our listeners, and in this short reading he describes how nature’s basic elements – earth, air, water and fire are metaphors for behaviour.


In Your Element – with Andrew Melville – Journalist, Storyteller, Writer and Editor – New Zealand

We talk with Andrew Melville, a long time friend of TetraMap and also the editor of our book ‘ Develop People and Business the way Nature intended’.

Andrew narrates part 1 of the book for our listeners, and briefly tell us his own story – meeting TetraMap and how it has helped fulfill his passion – to connect people of difference.

In Your Element – with Sarah Dwyer, Marketing Expert , New Zealand

Our latest episode features Sarah Dwyer.  Sarah held a marketing role at TetraMap International where she worked with as part of our team for four years. During that time, she made fantastic contributions to our development and community-  including our brand guidelines.     

Just before she moved on to a new opportunity we took some time to gain her insights. This was a truly beneficial working relationship and partnership, and definitely one that left both parties in a better place than when we started.

In this episode, Sarah discusses what she’s learned from integrating TetraMap into her approach to work and family life. She describes TetraMap as a way of life, a philosophy, an ecosystem and a gift that keeps on giving.

Sarah chose the powerful Lao Tzu quote to share “Without going beyond his own nature, one cannot achieve ultimate wisdom.”

A jam-packed 14 minutes!

In Your Element – with Fred Tan, Managing Director, Genium and Company, Singapore

We are delighted to chat with Fred Tan who recently founded Genium and Company along with two colleagues after a distinguished military career with Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). 
Fred shares his passion for developing leaders and provides unique insights into why Singapore Armed Forces chose to use a simple tool – TetraMap – for developing its young military leaders.

For eight years as Head of the SAF’s Centre for Leadership Development (CLD), Fred systematically implemented a top-of-class leadership development system for a pipeline of 15,000 military leaders annually, and championed the seeding of an open learning culture in the organization. Under his charge, the Centre won the HRM Asia’s “Best in Leadership Development Award” in 2016.  

The quote he chose to share is a Native American Cherokee proverb “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries and you

In Your Element -our first podcast with Anne Clews. 

Anne is Head of Performance Learning at Curium Solutions UK, and her expertise is outstanding.

Anne highlights her 10+year leadership journey with TetraMap, how integrating its principles into work and life has changed her worldview. She gives tips and insights into developing great teams and how understanding the importance of being quiet can add significant value. Her quote from Susan Cain’s book Quiet -“Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured” gives us all some excellent reminders.

Lots packed into 18 minutes! Listen here on our website or find us on itunes or tune in radio. Spotify coming soon.  

Note: you may hear background interference from our internet connection. We hope it doesn’t distract you from outstanding content. We are sorry about that, still learning!


Our intention is to share opportunities for deeper insight into how TetraMap impacts lives and adds value across many different contexts, corporations, communities and countries.   

We’re learning too. We welcome your input and feedback as to how we can develop this medium in the coming months. In Series One we interview 7 guests and have 3 short TetraMap book readings. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating this for you.  


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