It’s all about engagement

By TetraMap_Admin - October 4, 2017

Engaging others

Our intent: to support you to be the facilitator your client needs and wants! It’s not about selling TetraMap into an organisation, it’s about engaging others by reflecting TetraMap principles in how you are and what you say, all the while building their trust in you.

Recently at a sustainability conference, Yoshimi seemed to engage listeners more quickly when introducing TetraMap. Her first words were, “TetraMap reduces conflict and shifts mindsets”.

Think of someone you are explaining TetraMap to. Which of the following will elicit signs of engagement and curiosity?

  • reduces conflict
  • shifts mindsets
  • is simple to administer with minimal fuss and baggage
  • gets good results at reasonable prices
  • is fun and transformational
  • helps people work better and together
  • enables people to work inter-dependently and create synergy
  • strives for world peace, one office at a time

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A gift for you

Beautiful nature scenes reflecting TetraMap messages are often expensive.  Jon and Yoshimi offer Certified Facilitators a start to a collection of their best photos. Here’s one, taken Dec 2010 by Yoshimi. “Check out our first swim-stop on Great Barrier Island!” Note the similarity to the TetraScene on your folding tetrahedron.

It’s great for PowerPoints and conversations about the synergy of all 4 Elements. To save this image for your own use, right-click and Save image as…

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