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TetraMap eNews November 2018: Top Ten 2018 

Another great year! You are making a unique difference in the world, and we love hearing your stories of success and transformation.  Please keep them coming. Thanks for your continued advocacy and sharing TetraMap far and wide!  

We’ve highlighted some gems of the year for you to enjoy, plus give you a quick look into what’s coming up in 2019. 

One important item is our newly published Brand Guidelines. Everything we do is centred around one core belief; Strength lies in valuing differences.  Read more 


TetraMap eNews October 2018: The path to Mastery

huge congratulations to Allyson Fay from 02 in the UK, on becoming a Master TetraMap Facilitator. It is an outstanding achievement and we are thrilled to celebrate her success! 

Masters and experts create new knowledge. They invent new and better ways to do a job, and they can teach others how to do it. They are truly unique individuals and seek to learn in unique and personal ways, primarily through collaboration, research, and problem-solving. “I’ll create my own learning,” they say.  Ally did all of that and more! Read more 

Telefonica O2 Certification Course, UK 2017

TetraMap eNews September 2018: Does coaching work?

Is there any proof that coaching works? It’s a big fat YES from the International Coach Federation. Reporting both significant tangible and intangible benefits for employers and individuals who invest in coaching. Read more 

TetraMap eNews August 2018: One thing leads to another…

Master TetraMap Facilitator Kataraina Pipi’s (pictured in her recent Auckland Certification course) feedback inspired me to highlight the tremendous added value in my favourite workbook, which is all about the Nature of Teamwork. Read more


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