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By Louise - March 18, 2020

What can you initiate and why is it important?
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


Returning to work after a week’s break I should have been feeling relaxed. I wasn’t.  Like many of you, I was anxious.  A week of reacting to the news as it was breaking. I needed a shift, and as often happens,  Seth Godin’s blog arrived. React, respond or initiate?  It feels as if it was written for me on a day when I needed it most, which of course it was. My headline, the last line from Seth – stolen like an artist.  

This is the power of knowing your community, tribe, followers, family. Immediately I felt uplifted and propelled into forward motion.  Here’s my first action, writing this post for you.


Start with some questions to catalyse a change:    

  1. What can you initiate? 
  2. Why is it important (or not)? 
  3. How can you help make things better and make better things?
  4.  Who needs your kindness, a community, and/or social consideration? 

Initiate a better way to connect online, and make it a personal experience.  We like Zoom, recommend and use it a lot. It offers a fabulous experience, is free for the basic package and intuitive to operate.  Works for small or large groups (families to conferences).  Simple to download use and set up.

Why is it important?  It is different for everyone, but in general, people like to meet, connect share and support. This gives a sense of community and shared purpose.  

If you already know how to use it, who can you help to learn more? 

  • Use it for online team meetings or briefings. In the chat, facility ask team members to post their feelings and acknowledge what is happening. Ask people to initiate a peer to peer support system and/or ask for an accountability partner.  
  • Create small learning groups. (3- 4 people) Clearly, no-one knows as much as all of us. Tap into the power and knowledge of the group. As an example: How to turn face to face events into online workshops where people engage in meaningful ways?  What positive experiences have you had? 
  • Use the Zoom rooms and try speed networking tactic. Pose a question and allow people to discuss and discover new things about each other and the nature of their work. Keep it short and upbeat. Everyone has something to offer and learn from each other, and new connections are made.  

Make better things 

We made it better for you.  TetraMap’s Digital suite was launched almost three years back.  We researched and saw new ways and benefits to online learning and paperless events.

We did not see the events we’re facing today but do feel we’re well prepared to help our community.

For TetraMap Facilitators, especially those who are self-employed or contractors, this may mean income from planned face to face workshops can be shifted to online.  It is an opportunity to learn new things, make new and better things, and extend your value to your clients. 

Contact us if you need support to get started. Start your learning by logging in to this page and watching the 3 helpful videos. 

If you would like a TetraMap Facilitator to run a digital workshop for your team, you can search our find a facilitator page or contact us.   

Be Kind

Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. 

What a beautiful quote shared by Psychologist Liz Payne on our In Your Element podcast.  It has stayed in front of mind for me for months and those words are never truer than today.  You can listen to Liz’s wise words here:


Applause for medics coming from Italy, Spain, and Portugal.  

The recirculation of this broadcaster’s children simply made me laugh out loud.  For me, it made things better. 

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