Meet the recipients of the Jan
Alley Scholarship for 2021

By Louise

It is our privilege to introduce you to the recipients of the Jan Alley Scholarship Award.

Jan & Stephanie
Stephanie & Jan

Please join us in congratulating them.

We received some exceptional applications. 
Jan’s eldest daughter Stephanie Sisam selected the recipients. She says

“Such great candidates! I really enjoyed reading about them all. Many of the applications blew me away and seemed to connect with TetraMap at such a deep level. They will have some amazing and different opportunities to share TetraMap in future as well as using it now to make a difference in people’s lives. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this, and Mum would have been very proud of every single applicant.” 


Mark Barnabus Lee – Business Educator,  Singapore.

I used to be a teacher in secondary school and left the public service to become an educator in business. I used outdoor education to engage youth-at-risks and those with special needs before I progressed into adult education. Currently, I educate learners on enterprise risk management, and particularly in the area of privacy and data protection. 

Something that really stood out in Mark’s application was his belief in TetraMap as an effective tool to help individuals engage in learning and support them to become better versions of themselves. It is fantastic that Mark will be able to share TetraMap with a wide variety of individuals and teams from business leaders and managers to the youth he works with. Mark’s application showed that he will value the opportunity to use TetraMap to support people to better understand themselves and others around them.

New Zealand Aotearoa

Jade Gibson, PhD student, University of Canterbury 

I have a diverse role in education, that flows from, and into, many different streams. At current, I am a PhD student at Canterbury University. I am researching how a braiding of knowledge systems (Mātauranga Māori and Western Science) can help to inform biosecurity threats in Aotearoa. The main focus of my research is on collaborative governance and the role that sharing power, knowledge, and understanding, has in effective co-governance. 

Scholoship Winners 2021
From the top: Jade Gibson, Julie Bullimore, Mark Barnabus Lee, Rosa Espinal.

Jade’s passion for understanding herself and others came across strongly in her application. It is clear that she connects and resonates with TetraMap on a personal level and could identify many opportunities to use and share what she learns personally and professionally both now and in her future endeavours. Jade appears to be positively impacting many people through the work she is doing in her PhD and a deeper understanding of TetraMap and the ability to share it with others would further enhance her work, connections and relationships with individuals and groups in such an important field.


Julie Bullimore – Organisational Development Lead, Newcastle University, UK

I am an Organisational Development (OD) Lead at Newcastle University with responsibility for the OD provision within the Faculty of Medical Sciences.  Some of our academic colleagues are involved in pioneering life-changing research, including contributing to our knowledge about COVID-19, cancer, diabetes and much more. My role is about helping individuals and teams reach their potential. This could mean anything from helping brilliant scientists improve their leadership skills through to individual coaching or supporting teams identify their strategic priorities.

Julie’s application identified many great opportunities she has to apply TetraMap to help individuals and teams reach their potential. The current position her workplace is in (post restructure and coming out of the pandemic with new approaches to working) sounds like an exciting time for TetraMap to support positive growth and a future focus within teams and individuals.


Rosa Espinal – Learning Facilitator, CareerSource, Florida  

I work for a local workforce development regional board, CareerSource Central Florida. I am responsible for learning and development of the staff within my organization that support the workforce needs of our community, ensuring they are following mandated regulations as well as providing the best experience for our customers and partners. A major catalyst that fuels my passion is the refusal to be the type of educator who dulls the learner with conventional training methods.

Rosa’s application showed she deeply connects with TetraMap and how it helps people better understand themselves and others in order to effectively communicate and collaborate. Her application showed she values diversity and understands that it makes organisations stronger. It was great to hear Rosa’s plan of how she will share TetraMap with her internal staff and leaders and the wider community that she works in. 

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