Meet the recipients of the Jan
Alley Scholarship for 2022

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It is our privilege to introduce you to the recipients of the Jan Alley Scholarship Award.

Jan & Stephanie
Stephanie & Jan

Please join us in congratulating them.

We received some exceptional applications. 
Jan’s eldest daughter Stephanie Crummer selected the recipients. She says

“I loved reading about all the different areas the applicants were working in; health and wellbeing, sustainability, cultural responsiveness etc. It wasn’t easy to choose! Mum would have been so excited about all the potential these people have for positively impacting those they work with through TetraMap.”

The calibre and passion of the applicants has catalysed TetraMap International to extend the Awards for a further three years, meaning the Jan Alley scholarship will be extended until 2025.  


Michelle Mah – Singapore

Being a mother has opened my eyes to how i would like the future generations to be taught, and TetraMap’s organic and playful nature appeals greatly to me. My current role in education is specifically in the role of wellbeing, and more specifically mental and emotional wellbeing. Themes such as pandemic burnout, depression and psychological safety are themes that are still currently being stigmatised, and I aim to spark a change in all of that and allow individuals to drive awareness to help them develop to their fullest potential using different tools, assessments and aides for personal development.

 Michelle’s application shows she is passionate about her work and she sees great value in what TetraMap has to offer in her field of wellbeing education. It is exciting to hear her goals of using the tool to enhance her educational programmes in psychological safety and mental and emotional wellbeing and the potential TetraMap has when used to support education in resilience, stress management, self-awareness and self-compassion.

New Zealand, Aotearoa

Raiha Johnson 

I realised this was a programme that my husband went through a few years ago when he worked for a local Invercargill NGO Māori Health provider. I remembered because the programme had a profound effect on him and he came home raving about it and sharing his new learnings. My passion and area of specialisation is improving equity and excellence for minority and/or marginalised groups, with particular focus on Māori.

I have several current roles within the education sector. I am a primary school Teacher in an English Medium School; I lecture at the University of Otago College of Education ; I am a Professional Development – PLD Facilitator for cultural capabilities I also do volunteer education work within my local Māori community and I also do privately contracted educational training with organisations, Boards of Governance, teams and businesses around cultural capability and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Jan Alley Participants 2022
From top left: Rahia Jonson, beach shot Clare, Elizabeth Wissner, Clare Moody, Michelle Mah.

Raiha’s application showed her passion for understanding herself and others and for empowering others to be the best they can be and her belief in TetraMap as an amazing tool to help achieve this. Raiha is a great choice for the TetraMap scholarship due to the many roles she plays and the wide variety of people and groups she will be able to share the model with. It was great to hear how she has already thought about ways she could use what she learns on the course with the schools, organisations and businesses she works with as well as the Maori communities and iwi she is connected to.


UK & Europe

Clare Moody – England 

I work in businesses, schools and universities as an independent consultant, supporting students and education leaders to understand the bigger picture that humanity faces on a finite planet and to help them make change to support their role, accelerating positive change. 

I really feel that TetraMap can offer a simple elegant tool to support positive change in my local community, my clients and to inform my personal life. I would love to spread the concept of TetraMap, as I think it’s an extraordinary tool. It adds value to professional and personal development at all levels in all situations and can help students and professionals alike to frame critical issues like climate change through various lenses.

Clare’s application highlighted the strong cohesion between the TetraMap model and the work she already does as a climate leader in businesses, schools and universities. The focus on nature fits perfectly with her approach of using nature to help people and groups to see the bigger picture and to accelerate positive change. She was able to share a number of ways she will use what she learns in both her professional and personal life. There are many exciting opportunities for Clare to use the model to enhance the amazing work she is doing for our planet.


Elizabeth Wissner – 

In my role as a Senior Exhibits Project Manager at the National Air and Space Museum, education is at the heart of everything I do. We are currently engaged in a complex, multi-year renovation of the entire museum and I am part of a team of three senior project managers performing the central coordination for this effort. My projects require providing oversight, guidance and coordination with 200+ people within various departments of both the museum, Smithsonian central support agencies and contractors. 

I believe this program could offer a strong benefit to both my professional development and the teams I support. The TetraMap training I received was only for my department of 20 people. I’d like the ability to learn the program from a trainers perspective and gain a more in-depth knowledge allowing me to recognize and capture opportunities to share and apply the techniques with the teams I support. Our organization puts a strong emphasis on creative thinking, empathy and understanding and the TetraMap model provides a framework that supports these goals.

Elizabeth’s application showed she values TetraMap and what it had to offer her team and that she would embrace the opportunity to share it with the many other teams she works with. She highlights how effective TetraMap is as a tool to support positive communication and that TetraMap is very aligned with the values and goals of her organisation. It is clear that she will be able to put what she learns about TetraMap to good use and it will enhance the wonderful work she is doing.

Who could join them next year?

We’re always growing our fabulous TetraMap community. If you applied this year, thank you for your commitment and passion. Your application will automatically be included in the 2023 selection. If you know someone who would benefit please encourage them to apply for 2023. 

Until then, thank you again for  being part of our network, and supporting our vision to create a world where everyone shares the belief that strength lies in valuing differences.  

The Jan Alley Scholarship

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