Meet the recipients of the Jan
Alley Scholarship for 2023

By TetraMap_Admin

It is our privilege to introduce you to the recipients of the Jan Alley Scholarship Award.

Jan & Stephanie
Stephanie & Jan

Please join us in congratulating them.

We received some exceptional applications.
Jan’s eldest daughter Stephanie Crummer selected the recipients. She says:

“I really enjoyed going through these applications. It is great to see applicants from different fields of education who are all doing such amazing things in their work and voluntary roles. It is always a tough decision as there are so many deserving applicants who would do amazing things with their learning.”

The ongoing calibre and passion of the applicants has catalysed TetraMap International to extend the Awards for a further three years, meaning the Jan Alley scholarship will be extended until 2025.  


Steven PhuaSoon Nguan (Steven) Phua – Singapore

“I have been teaching students from age 8 to 18 years old (primary & secondary schools) for about 20 years now and my specialisation is in CCA performing arts (Concert Band). As part of my CCA curriculum, aside from music, I conduct leadership courses to secondary school students, challenging them to know more about themselves, their habits, their flow of thoughts, their decision-making logics, amongst others.”

Soon Nguan’s passion for empowering students to become their best selves through his work in music education was evident in his application. His value for learning and always developing oneself to be able to support others to achieve stood out and he recognises TetraMap as a great tool for the leadership work he does with students.

New Zealand & Australia

Eve Charles – New Zealand

Eve Charles“As the Startup Hub Manager at GridAKL, I am responsible for supporting the growth of Auckland’s tech, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems by helping startups and entrepreneurs acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. This involves providing access to various resources, including online courses, mentors, and networking events, to help the community learn and develop the necessary skills to flourish.”

Eve’s application showed her passion for creating positive social and environmental change. The values of TetraMap closely align with Eve’s own values and she recognises the potential TetraMap has to help people grow and develop and then contribute to the greater good. She has been inspired through her learning about TetraMap and could identify many opportunities through her work at GridAKL to inspire others as a certified facilitator.

UK & Europe

Megan JeffsMegan Jeffs – England 

“I have been a primary teacher in a variety of schools for the past 30 years. I am currently working as a Senior Leader, at Sir Henry Fermor School and my role involves overseeing the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Phase which incorporates children from the ages of 4 – 7. In addition to my own responsibilities of nurturing and educating a Year 1 class, monitoring the curriculum and analysing data, I am also responsible for managing adult teams within these phases, both teachers and teaching assistants.”

Megan’s passion for learning through nature was clear in her application and she already has many ideas of how she can bring her learning of TetraMap into her work with different teams of different ages across the academy she works in. Megan identified TetraMap as the tool that will help her build her leadership capacity in the area of understanding interpersonal skills and promoting collaboration in her sector.


Chaneen Haler – USA

Chaneen Haler “I am an Environmental Educator. I am primarily an informal educator, meaning I do not work in a classroom, but rather hold lessons and classes in the community. I work with citizens of all ages to help everyone understand the importance of caring for our soil and water. I partner with summer camps around our county to provide full-day outdoor activities, we run a very successful seed library, and I work with many more community partners to provide our citizens with resources and education on natural resource conservation.”

Chaneen has recognised that TetraMap would be a very effective tool in her field, working with environmental and conservation educators. She can see how TetraMap will help initiate positive culture change and promote inclusivity and diversity in her field. She has many great opportunities to share TetraMap with different groups and organisations and using nature as a metaphor is perfect for her context.

Who could join them next year?

We’re always growing our fabulous TetraMap community. If you applied this year, thank you for your commitment and passion. Your application will automatically be included in the 2024 selection. If you know someone who would benefit please encourage them to apply for 2024. 

Until then, thank you again for being part of our network, and supporting our vision to create a world where everyone shares the belief that strength lies in valuing differences.  

The Jan Alley Scholarship

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